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Green Flag Award

Celebrating achieving Eco Status

Our Journey to the Green Flag Award

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Thank you to the whole school community for rising and making a positive contribution to our world. Long may it continue...


As part of our Eco-school programme, we must keep our Eco-Board up-to-date.

Plastic Free Friday

Recycling Writing Utensils

As part of our Eco-School action plan, children at Downsview are now recycling all types of writing utensils that cannot be used any longer. Instead of throwing them into the general waste creating a big environmental problem, children are encouraged to put them in special trays across the school. This way, children realise how much waste we create on a daily basis and makes them care more about the resources. Soon, the pens will be taken to the nearest “Terracycle” collection point.

Understanding out impact of Marine life

In the Spring term 2019, and as part of our Eco-Schools action plan, we created a whole school art project with the aim of researching and understanding the impact of humans in marine life. Each year group based their work on a different artist. The displays across the school were truly spectacular.

Anti-Idling event December 2019 

Croydon Council came to talk to us in an assembly about air pollution, its causes and the very serious consequences for our health, especially children’s health. Although we are very fortunate to have a traffic-free street, we still have cars in the nearby streets that do not turn the engines off while picking and dropping children off not being aware of the consequences.

After having been trained by Croydon Council, our team of Eco-Warriors went to the streets to speak very politely to people about idling and turning engines off. Thanks to their good manners and clear explanation, most cars responded positively and turned engines off. Our Eco-Warriors will be back soon!!

Assembly on Climate Change

Since the start of the year, at Downsview we have been having a number of Eco-assemblies to raise awareness about climate change and think about specific solutions that we can put into practice at school and at home.

Understanding the problems of food waste

After having noticed the amount of food waste we generate at school, we held an assembly to talk about the problems of food waste and where does food come from. We created the “Zero Hero” awards to avoid food waste and the results have been spectacular!

Art Display

Last year, Downsview carried out a whole school art project. Each child brought a tiny piece of plastic to school and, one by one, children glued it to the “unspoiled” sea painting that Mrs Marshall and Ms Sanchez had previously prepared, inspired in the iconic  Japanese painting "The Great Wave" by Hokusay.  This had a great impact on the children to see how the clean sea was rapidly filling up with litter and the impact that this has on marine life, as well as human life.  This is now a permanent display in our KS1 Hall.

Eco Club

In the Eco Club we are making fun activities to help the environment. For example, we have been plating spring bulbs, or preparing seed bombs to help our bees. Once they are dry we will have a “seed bomb guerrilla” to spread the wildflowers all around our school!

Meeting at Rockmount Primary School