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Downsview is going to take part in the Great Big Green Week in the lead up to the COP26 meeting in Glasgow this Autumn. 


What is the COP26?  

It is the biggest and most important UN climate conference that has ever taken place.  Politicians and environmentalists from around the world will gather for two weeks to agree on crucial actions to tackle climate change and to save the future of the next generation.


During the third week of September (16th-26th) there will be thousands of events taking place across the country, organised by different organisations, charities or individuals.  The purpose is to send the clear message to politicians that WE CARE!  At Downsview we are committed to raise awareness and prepare our children and their families for this incredible challenge that climate change presents to us all.  That is why we have decided to take part in the Great Big Green Week and we have been chosen to be an official event holder in Croydon by hosting a ....GREAT BIG GREEN FAIR!


Downsview Great Big Green Fair


When?Friday 24th September 2021 from 2pm until 4.30pm
Who is invited?children, teachers, parents, carers, friends, neighbours - everyone is welcome!
What?Mega Assault course (KS2); Assault course (KS1); fun games; football games; Pabulum food stall; smoothie bikes; popcorn stall; pancakes and waffles; year groups mystery stalls; Eco2solutions (plastic free solutions); Sustainable Thornton Heath; City Kids Surfing; Greenpeace: Friends of the Earth; Grow with John (Whitgift Foundation); The Rubbish Artist; Terracycle solutions and much more.....................
How much?FREE entrance and lots of sample foods and activities.  You may have to pay a small contribution for certain activities (assault courses) and on private businesses.


So save the date!