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The Great Big Green Week

Cracking the problem of crackers


As part of our Eco-Schools Programme, Downsview is committed to reduce waste across the school. As you may be aware, we have introduced Plastic-Free Fridays to raise awareness and reduce the use of single use plastic at school. Also, from this week we have Food Zero Heroes in the dinner hall to reduce food waste across the school that otherwise would go to landfill and have a negative impact on the environment. 


Christmas is around the corner and as endearing as this festive season is, it has a terrible impact on our planet. One specific example is the traditional Christmas Cracker.  It is estimated that over 40 million Christmas crackers end up in the bin on Christmas Day. The huge majority of treats from crackers are single use plastics - most of which goes to landfill or are burned – which is a waste of money, resources and energy.  We haven’t even counted in the fact that millions upon millions of these items are shipped halfway across the world from China adding to the world’s carbon emissions. 


Is it worth it? We don’t think it is, that’s why this year we have decided not to have Christmas Crackers with our Christmas Dinner at Downsview saving more than 600 crackers to go to landfill and saving a lot of money and resources for the school.

Every little helps to save the planet!
Merry Christmas from the Eco Team


Recycling old pens


Children at Downsview are now recycling all types of writing utensils that cannot be used any longer. Instead of throwing them into the general waste, creating a big environmental problem, children are encouraged to put them in special trays. Then, our Eco Team bring them to the recycling point.