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Primary and Nursery School

Young Leaders

"A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others." Douglas MacArthur

Heads of the Junior Governors

We are extremely excited to announce the Headies for this year. These roles are very prestigious and hold a large amount of responsibility. The Y6 children leading the Junior Governors, are respectful, driven, resilient, trustworthy, good communicators and committed to pupil voice. 

Please welcome our new Headies... 


Junior Governors

One child from each class, from years 2 to 5, are elected by their classmates each year to represent their class at Junior Governor meetings.  They meet over the course of each term, where the Headies go through an agenda, discussing different ways they can improve the school even further and representing the views of all pupils.  Junior Governors will be involved in running assemblies, working together to raise money for the school and charities. They will also meet and work with our Board of Governors.


Playground Leaders

We have over 20 pupils from years 5 and 6 with Playground Leader responsibilities.  They are out in the playgrounds every lunchtime carrying out their duties.  Their main responsibilities are to help the lunchtime supervisors to set out and clear away the playground equipment; to help children have fun at lunchtime play and to help those children who may be finding lunchtime play a little difficult.  


Dinner Detectives

Dinner Detectives help and encourage children to make healthy choices at lunchtimes.  They award stickers to children with healthy packed lunches and those who have chosen healthy options from the school lunch menu.  They also help the lunchtime supervisors to get each class ready as their turn for lunch approaches. 


Eco- Committee

The Eco-committee is a group of children who help our school to be eco-friendlier.  They present "Eco" assemblies every term; they hold competitions to promote ways to "save the environment" and they collect all the recyclables from each class.  They have helped our school achieve the silver eco award and are working towards the final green award.