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Primary and Nursery School

Young Leaders

School Council


One child from each class, from years 1 to 6, are elected by their classmates each year to represent their class at School Council meetings.  They meet once a week, where the Chairperson goes through an agenda, discussing improving the school community and representing the views of all pupils.  School Council has bought equipment for the playground, raised money for different charities and will continue to find ways to improve the school.


School Council Achievements

School Council had a very busy year.  A suggestion box is located in the Reception Area for children of Downsview to write any suggestions for improving the school community. The box is checked weekly by a member of School Council and any suggestions are added to AOB at the School Council meetings.  The children of Downsview have fantastic ideas to improve the school and School Council Members bring their suggestions back to the meetings.  


We are extremely happy that charity events have gone well, raising money for Sports Relief and Children in Need.


The School Council have had meetings with the road safety officers about improving safety outside the school. 


Playground Leaders


We have over 20 pupils from years 6 and 6 with Playground Leader responsibilities.  They are out in the playgrounds every lunchtime carrying out their duties.  Their main responsibilities are to help the lunchtime supervisors to set out and clear away the playground equipment;  to help children have fun at lunchtime play and to help those children who may be finding lunchtime play a little difficult.  


Dinner Detectives


Dinner Detectives help and encourage children to make healthy choices at lunchtimes.  They award stickers to children with healthy packed lunches and those who have chosen healthy options from the school lunch menu.  They also help the lunchtime supervisors to get each class ready as their turn for lunch approaches. 


Pupil Assistants


Pupils from year 6, with exemplary behaviour and attitude, are chosen to be Pupil Assistants.  Their responsibilities include assisting younger children in the school with their learning;  help to keep their classrooms tidy; help the school office to take letters to classes; set up chairs for assemblies and assist with the Achievement Assemblies.  They work on a rota basis and in pairs and new Pupil Assistants are selected each term.


Global Protectors


Global Protectors are children who help our school to be more eco-friendly.  They present "Eco" assemblies every term;  they hold competitions to promote ways to "save the environment" and they collect all the recyclables from each class.  They have helped our school achieve the silver eco award and are working towards the final green award.


Anti-Bullying Ambassadors


At the beginning of each year a selection of children are trained to become the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.  They are out on duty every lunchtime and every half-term they hold "drop-in" sessions when they have an opportunity to talk to children about anti-bullying in school   They present assemblies every term and help to read all the notes in the "concern" box.


Digital Leaders


The Digital Leaders are a team of Year 5 and 6 children whose responsibility is to ensure students and teachers are supported in computing. Some of their duties include: presenting computing assemblies, running computing clubs and ensuring ICT is used safely and securely.




Mathmagicians are children from years 5 and 6 who help support children in the Foundation Stage and Year 1 with their maths.  They go to the same class once a week during early work.  The Mathmagicians work with children using resources like bead strings, cubes, etc.  The teacher will give them an activity to do, such as counting, addition, number bonds and sometimes they play games like snakes and ladders.