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Primary and Nursery School

If your child is unable to come to school for any reason, please email- Make sure you state the reason and provide any evidence you may have.


The links between attendance and achievement are strong and high levels of attendance at school should be a right of each pupil.

Aim - Downsview Primary & Nursery School will encourage good attendance for all pupils by offering an environment in which pupils feel valued and part of the school community.


We encourage all our pupils to be punctual and to strive for 100% attendance.  We celebrate attendance and punctuality weekly across the school through a number of initiatives.  At the end of each term all pupils who achieve 100% attendance and punctuality receive a certificate and attendance pencil, with prizes awarded at the end of the year.


We work in partnership with EWS Team and other support agencies, as appropriate, to ensure regular attendance at school.  Attendance is closely monitored at both individual pupil and whole school level and we analyse patterns and trends of non attendance to inform future action planning and target setting in respect of whole school attendance matters.


If your child's attendance drops below 96% this will trigger a first letter of concern.  Our School Attendance Officer will contact and meet with parents to identify any issues and offer support.  If attendance does not improve a second letter will be sent to parents, with the matter then being referred to the Education Welfare Officer.


The education (pupil registration)(England) Amendment Regulations 2013 state that headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time, unless there are exceptional circumstances. It is for headteachers to determine if the request is exceptional. Legislation requires that each case is judged on a case by case basis.   


If your child is absent, please inform the office on the first day of absence by e-mail,, stating clearly as to why your child is absent.  If you do not let the school know why your child is absent we will text or telephone you to make enquiries. 


Being on time shows a pupil is ready and willing to work, helps to form good habits and helps to develop a sense of responsibility.  Being late disrupts lessons and may mean that your child misses important instructions and work.

Did you know that being 15 minutes late each day during an entire year is the same as missing two whole weeks of school?  

Attendance Matters

Attendance Policy

Since attendance at school is key to success, parents and carers are urged not to take family holidays during term time.  It is now illegal to take students out of school during term time without the Head Teacher's written authorisation.


Team EWS Ltd


Our Education Welfare Officer, Lucy Gillfillian, works closely with the school to provide support and advice to both parents/carers and the school.  Ms Gillfillian comes to Downsview for one day, every fortnight, on a Wednesday and is available to speak to parents/carers who wish to discuss their child's attendance.  We have listed below the dates when our EWO will be available in school, please email if you wish to make an appointment.


Autumn Term 2023

Wednesday 13th September - Wednesday  13th December 2023

13th September, 27th September, 11th October, 1st November, 15th November, 29th November, 13th December


Spring Term 2024

10th January - 27th March 2024

12th January, 24th January, 7th February, 28th February, 13th March, 27th March


Summer Term 2024

24th April - 10th July 2024

24th April, 8th May, 22nd May, 12th June, 26th June, 10th July