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Welcome to the Year 4 Home Learning Page

The Year 4 Team

Mr Karim (Head of Year), Ms Davidson, Mr Stephenson, Mrs Varney and Mrs. Salim

For Home-Learning, we want to encourage Year 4 children to be creative and to ensure that they explore the world around them through a range of interactive and innovative ways.


At the start of each half term, a home learning gird with 8 tasks will be pasted in the children’s home learning books. Tasks 1-4 are compulsory and should be completed weekly, tasks 5-8 are optional. However, these optional tasks are are designed to be fun and engaging activities that will allow your child to explore topics with more creativity, so they are highly recommended! This may also open up a dialogue with yourselves and your child about the topics they are covering in school.


If you have completed a task, please evidence this in your Home Learning book. There is a home learning tracking grid at the start of the book where you can sign and evidence that work has been done.


If you've done something really special on the computer or have made a video you can send this to us via ClassDojo!


As an incentive, stickers will be awarded to children each half term depending on how many tasks they complete. Diamond is the top award and if they reach this, they will also receive a certificate!


Fostering a love of reading is so important, we cannot stress that enough! If a child is excited to read, it will not feel like a "chore". The majority of children in Year 4 are able to decode the letters on the page to form words and read for understanding. However, regular (preferably daily) reading is so important to a child's continued development. When reading we encourage year 4 children to use inferring and predicting skills to develop their understanding. We encourage sharing a book with your child, we find that even the most 'grown up' children still enjoy listening to a story! The children can then complete a Battle of the Books activity to keep them on track to read 50 books by then end of the year!


We continue to encourage pupils to have a rapid recall of multiplication facts which will enables them to calculate more efficiently.


The Year 4 team look forward to seeing what amazing things the children come up with on their home-learning journey!