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Primary and Nursery School

Uniform and PE Kit

Uniform develops a sense of community and belonging.  We encourage children to be proud and take pride in their appearance by wearing our uniform. All children at Downsview, including the Nursery, are expected to wear school uniform and the appropriate kit for PE.  We ask that all uniform is clearly named.  Unmarked or lost items are placed in the Lost Property Cupboard.  Staff and Governors ask for parents' co-operation in carrying out the school uniform policy. 


The school does not accept any liability for any loss, theft of damage to property or possessions brought to school in contravention of school rules regarding such property.  The school does not accept any liability or responsibility for items of clothing/uniform that are torn or otherwise damaged except where the school can be shown to be negligent in providing an environment where such items can remain undamaged other than that expected by normal wear and tear. The school is not liable to replace lost items of school uniform. 


As a school community we endeavour to be inclusive and welcoming, therefore our uniform requirements are not defined by gender.


The standard dress is based on the colours burgundy and grey and comprises of the following items:

  • Burgundy sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan
  • Grey trousers, shorts or skirt/pinafore.  Shirts and trousers must be of uniform style.
  • Summer dress in pink and white or red and white gingham
  • White polo shirt or white shirt
  • Grey/white or black socks
  • Plain black shoes (including trainers) with flat heels.  They should be suitable for school wear for safety reasons
  • Hijab - black or burgundy


PE Kit

Games and PE (including swimming when appropriate) are compulsory subjects and children are required to wear the correct kit, comprising: 

  • Red, Blue, Yellow or Red House T-shirt
  • Black shorts or plain black leggings 
  • Navy blue Tracksuits (may wear burgundy tracksuit until September 2020)
  • BLACK trainers or Plimsolls *please note that gymnastics is done barefoot*


Every pupil at Downsview belongs to one of the following school houses:  Red, Blue, Yellow, Green.


Nursery, Reception and Year 1

Children in Nursery, Reception & Year 1 wear their PE kit to school on days when they have PE. 

This will continue as normal but children are now also able to wear the new navy tracksuit, once purchased.


Years 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

Pupils from Year 2 upwards who own the new navy tracksuit may wear it to school on the days when they have PE. There is no need to bring a change of clothes as the children can remain in their tracksuit all day. On days when they are not timetabled to have PE they will continue to wear full school uniform, as usual.


Those children who do not yet own a navy tracksuit should wear normal school uniform to school and bring their PE kit in on the days they have PE, so that they can change in school for PE lessons.


All children registered to attend a before or after school extra-curricular Sports Club are also permitted to attend school in their navy tracksuit and House t-shirt. Otherwise they will be expected to change into school uniform as they do for regular PE lessons.


If your child is wearing trainers to school on a PE day, please be mindful of the weather as the children will be taking part in outdoor games and may need a change of shoes/trainers if the weather has been wet.


Our goal is to have all children wearing the new Downsview PE Tracksuit to school on the days they have PE by September 2020. This will give families the option to purchase a tracksuit straight away or budget and purchase the tracksuit in readiness for the start of the next academic year.


The nearest local supplier of uniform is:

Bubblegum Children's and School Wear

113 High Street

Thornton Heath


Telephone:  020 8683 2773


House colour t-shirts can only be ordered from the School Office.


Make up, nail varnish and dyed hair or hair shaved into patterns is not permitted.

Children are not permitted to wear jewellery to school.  If ears are pierced, children are NOT permitted to wear hoops of any kind but one small plain stud may be worn.