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Welcome to the Year 1 Home Learning Page

For Home-Learning, we want to encourage Year 1 children to be as creative as possible and to ensure that they explore the world around them through a range of interactive and innovative ways that they enjoy doing!


If you read just 1 book a day with your child, they will have been read 2184 books by their 6th birthday!

In Year 1 we absolutely LOVE reading and provide several opportunities throughout the school day for the children to read or listen to stories. We cannot stress enough the importance of both listening and reading to your child at home in order to further develop their skills. Reading books aloud to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It's also a time for closeness, laughing and talking together - and it can give children a flying start in life setting them off on the path to become lifelong readers. HAPPY READING!!!!


Details of the Home Learning tasks will be given at the beginning of each half term on a grid which is sent home with your child in their purple Home Learning books. Tasks 1-4 are compulsory and tasks 4-8 are optional, however we highly recommend completing as many of them as possible to support your child's learning in school. There are also challenges for those pupils/families who feel they would like to do something a bit extra and we always love to see those who want to go above and beyond! The tasks are often short and fun activities which are open-ended and you can choose how they are completed and presented. 


If you have completed a task please evidence this in your Home Learning book. This could be by printing off pictures, pieces of writing, drawings or even sticking in a train ticket from a trip to see a famous landmark!


If you've done something really special on the computer or have made a video you can send this to us via ClassDojo!

We try to find time during the week for the children to share their fabulous home-learning with the class, we love to see their work, which they so clearly enjoy completing, and sharing it with their piers allows them to understand that their efforts are valued and this also helps to build their self-esteem.


Stickers will be awarded to children each half term depending on how many tasks and challenges they have completed, if they make it to the Diamond award they will also receive a certificate.


The Year 1 Team cannot wait to see all your amazing home-learning!