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Primary and Nursery School

We asked our EYFS parents some questions...

As a parent/carer of a child in either Nursery and/or Reception, what would you want to tell a prospective parent/carer about the Early Years teaching and learning provision offered at Downsview?

"The quality of teaching is very good. Our son has learnt a lot during his year in Reception. And most importantly he is very happy to go to school, he enjoys the atmosphere."


"Both of my children attended Downsview Nursery and went on to reception. They had both been at different childcare providers previously but the difference at Downsview was a very gentle but hugely noticeable emphasis on learning. From day 1 they were introduced to letters and numbers, colours and shapes. The focus is on learning through play and as a parent, you can see how this instills a love of learning. I was amazed when my 3 year old came home writing her name, and recognising numbers 1-9 accurately. It has given her such a strong foundation for reception and formal learning. It's a privilege to have a fully qualified teacher leading the team."


"I highly recommend Downsview. The structure and their ethos os amazing. The children have a wide variety of learning resources which are always fun for them. The staff are amazing with the children and the school has so much to offer."


"The children seem to settle in very well and it's a nurturing learning environment."


"Downsview Nursery has provided a structured day within a loving and nurturing environment. The nursery is very closely aligned with the school and this place has ENERGY! It’s an uplifting place from the moment we walk through the school gate. My son has quickly improved his social and educational skills, and his confidence is sky-high!"


"We are incredibly pleased that we chose Downsview for our child. She has settled well, loves her teachers and has made a lovely group of friends. She is thriving at Downsview, and is boosted by the encouragement that is given to all children - effort is rewarded daily, and the children are taught to celebrate their own successes as well as those of their friends, however big or small. The enthusiasm, friendliness and kindness of the teachers are seen across the school from the Headteacher through to the Support team. The grounds and facilities are also fantastic - a huge grass playing field and playground, set back from the road - not seen within many London schools! I can't recommend Downsview enough."



"Downsview is a nurturing but stimulating school for children. Our son has thrived, becoming a confident reader and loving every day at school. The teachers get to know each child’s needs and help them to be happy at school, learning in innovative and exciting ways."


"It’s such a lovely school with an emphasis on the importance of kindness without neglecting the curriculum."


As a parent/carer of a child in either Nursery and/or Reception, what would you want to tell a prospective parent/carer about the opportunities we have on offer beyond the classroom, at Downsview?


"Beyond the classroom, the breakfast and after-school clubs are very convenient for families and our son is happy there. He had the opportunity to take part in a Forest school during the afterschool club and it was a very positive experience."


"Sending my kids to Downsview Nursery meant that they were really well prepared for the transition to reception to the extent that my child didn't seem to notice she had moved into school! The nursery is really focused on learning but the staff is also acutely aware that the children are so young and their approach is just right for the children and doesn't feel like a huge leap from a private nursery/childminder."


"Forget school. New adventure playground. Loads of extra curriculum activities the list is endless. Oh and don't forget our school dog Joey."


"There is a thriving school community organising lots of other activities, and that gives the school a special feel."


"Even though the after-school provision and clubs aren’t available for nursery children, there is always something happening at Downsview for everyone to get involved in. School fairs, the circus, ice cream sales in the summer and hot chocolate in the winter, lots of fundraising events and fun times."


"There are some great opportunities for the children, with very reasonably priced after-school clubs. My daughter has been to the maths club and yoga club and enjoyed both. There are also wonderful events - how many other schools can say that they have had a circus big top on their playing field?!"


"Downsview has amazing outdoor space, a huge playing field and forest school and newly updated gym and playground equipment. Extracurricular activities are varied and of amazing value! Not forgetting Joey, the school dog, who the children love!"


"They have a Forest School which my daughter loved. They organise fun trips, arrange to have authors visit, etc…"


"The school grounds are an open, happy place. The playground itself is fairly large as well as the adventure playground which is a huge hit after school and the new infant playground. The school is constantly holding fun activities with the children such as the circus. The school also has an amazing range of after-school activities."


Any other comments?

"Downsview School is a hidden gem. The staff is absolutely amazing. The premises is outstanding. The school dog is lush. All round an amazing school. Xx loads of love in this place. ❤"


"This is an environment that a private nursery can’t replicate…where the youngest children can learn from the older children and become school-ready amongst a wonderfully friendly and uplifting community! The outdoor space is great and everyone enjoys the large playing fields, forest school, play, and gym equipment! It feels safe and secure as well as fun! The nursery staff team are kind, caring, experienced, and fun…encouraging the children to play, get messy, read, write and learn through experiences. Downsview is values-driven, encouraging each and every child to love and respect each other and become resilient and active members of our community. My little boy in the Nursery was talking to us about trust just this week which was part of a nursery session."


"The leadership of Ms Pugh is fantastic. She is relentlessly enthusiastic, from welcoming the students to school with a smile, hi five and Joey the dog every morning to dancing around the assembly hall with the children every Friday! We are very grateful to her and the other teachers for their ongoing hard work and efforts to help every child love going to school and to thrive in their education."


"Very good Nursery and school my son is in Reception hé loves this place.  I also applied for a Nursery place for my daughter but she is now on the waiting list. I hope she gets a place in Downsview Nursery, I really love this nursery and school... It is the best place for my kids!"


"Downsview is a welcoming and friendly school, providing children with the opportunities to thrive and enjoy every day at school. I’d recommend it to everyone!"


"We are really happy with Downsview. It is such a lovely school and has a real community feel. There is a good amount of outside space for a London school. Only good things to say about Downsview and the teachers we have had."


"My children love the school, the staff are amazing, the atmosphere is contagious and overall a very great environment."

Parents Evening

Thank you to the teachers- amazing work! Our children are flourishing

Thank you for everything. Looks like Y3 have had some fun and challenging topics!

Thank you

Teachers really understand needs of each child they teach! Would like to suggest a writing club for those children who have a gift/passion in creative writing.

Many thanks to Ms Van who is an amazing teacher!

All our thanks to Miss Gangat. We appreciate the detailed feedback and all your efforts. We see the progress and hope for a successful rest of the year!

Thank you we are so lucky to have such caring teachers. Thank you

You guys are truly amazing! High standards, high expectations and plenty of smiles- what more could we ask for? THANK YOU

Thank you for all of the care and attention you give our child and the same for our son who is now in Y7 thriving!

Thank you for the lovely chat. Very informative

You are all so fantastic

Thank you for all your hard work!

Thank you for helping our son to enjoy learning.

Thank you for all of your hard work. We are so grateful!

Thank you for your hard work. Much appreciated!

Thank you! You and this school are brilliant

Thank you for all you do to support our children both with their learning and social.

Thank you to all teachers, especially Mrs Seal!

Thank you Mrs Seal for all the support and detailed updates. We are really please with the progress made and we are glad you are enjoying your year at Downsview.


Meet the Teacher Workshop

Supportive and positive learning demonstrated. Making school fun and exciting.

Very informative

Feeling very lucking to be part of such an amazing school which is placing importance on such important life values.

Thank you very much for today. I feel the passion and enthusiasm of all teachers and Ms Pugh- it is having a great positive impact on my son’s (and all the children). Thank you.

Fantastic presentation: good to meet all the teachers.

Thank you for the meeting, very informative.

Very informative! Y6 parents need to be made aware that the period in the 6 weeks hols before secondary, kids need to keep practicing as they will be tested for sets almost immediately on starting.

Very informative, and comforting from the previous year. Going forward it would be great if we could prepare for sets/secondary school in year 5.

Come Dine with Me initiative

Here is what our Year 6 parents had to say:

Lovely ambiance, food and company. The food and company was great! It was amazing, really enjoyed eating altogether. We should do this more often x! We were made to feel very welcome by all . Fantastic atmosphere. Lovely to dine with the children and staff. Nice atmosphere. Hosts were great and food was lovely. Beautiful music to set the scene… Lovely time!


Here is what our Year 2 parents had to say:

Amazing with lots of tasty variety. Yumtastic- made my day. Lovely food. Amazing! Great food & better company! I am satisfied, so full, delicious food and lovely environment for lunch- thank you. Excellent food- fresh and tasty with a lovely atmosphere. Amazing experience again. Loved it. Delicious food-thank you! Lovely food and choice and the dinner staff were all so lovely. Thank you. Missing school days great fun. Very tasty-Thank you. We had a really nice time!


Here is what our Year 4 parents had to say:

Great experience. Lovely lunch. I had a lovely time eating with my son and his friends. Lovely idea from the school! Great food, great chat Thank you! Thanks I’ll be back tomorrow for lunch:) Thank you for a great chilli! The best experience and the best chefs 10/10. Delicious. Great food and service 10/10. Yummy lunch– great food and super healthy too xx. Well balanced, nutritious 10/10– Green chillies & Onions required LOL. Thank you! Fab lunch, healthy and tasty. Lovely experience. Keep it up!


Here is what our Year 5 parents had to say:

I really enjoyed it, it’s amazing experience. Thank you to the chefs and all of the team! Delicious roast potatoes and chicken- service was wonderful. I will be coming back. Such a lovely idea! Amazing food, fab company, really glad I got to have lunch with my little lady. Great food, lovely choice- 5 stars. Great food, good company! Delicious food choices and amazing company! Really enjoyed the roast dinner. Delicious and thank you for the invite. Fantastic- Lovely food and great experience. Great thank you so much for the invitation. A great big thank you to the Downsview team. Lovely food, good choices... Thank you. Lots of healthy choices like a yummy salad bar. Looks like you cater to the children’s needs. Thank you for offering Halal. Food was hot, filling and yummy!


Here is what our Year 1 parents had to say:

Thank you for having us. It was lovely. Thank you it was delicious. 5 stars– amazing. Food was lovely and it was nice to have the opportunity to sit with them at school. Thank you for lunch– 5stars. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy a tasty lunch with my son! 5 stars. Food was lovely, atmosphere was great-5 stars. Thanks chef for the tasty food especially the cake! Thank you for delicious lunch. Best cake and company ever! Lovely to have school dinners again. We both loved it! Thank you for the experience. Such a lovely idea and yummy food! Amazing school! Lovely environment– 5 star lunch thanks! Great fun and great food. Fantastic lunch—a great idea– lets do it again! Such a lovely lunch and wonderful idea. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share a lunchtime with our child– special memories! The look of excitement on my boy’s face when we queued, his pride to show me his environment too was so so lovely to have this bonding experience. Please do it again! Had a lovely experience with my son.


Here is what our Reception parents had to say:
‘The best lunch ever! Thank you for inviting me.’
'So fun! So delicious! Great company!’
‘Delicious food & great company. What happens at lunch is no longer a mystery!’
‘Thank you it was really cute!’
‘An amazing experience. Definitely worth it. Thanks to the school and chef for the delicious food and experience.’
‘Good idea and loved having the chance to share lunchtime!’
‘Lovely lunch and experience. What a fab thing to do. Thanks very much.’
‘We really enjoyed having lunch together!’
‘I had a great time. Awesome idea!’


Here is what our Year 3 parents had to say:

Thank you so much for the service, yummy food and the company!

Really lovely food thank you!

Thank you so much for the 'Come Dine with Me' invite. We loved it!

Thank you for the invite and delicious lunch. It was lovely to see my daughter and her friends. 

Thank you for a lovely lunch in great company with 3 Ennis!

Thank you for having us! Lovely food and great company.

One of the best lunches I have had in my ENTIRE life!

Thank you for such a lovely experience!

What a delicious lunch! I will be back... Thank you Downsview x

Thank you it was SUPER yummy.

The food tasted better then we have at home. Thank you chef.

It is so nice to know my child is getting a healthy and tasty meal at school each day!

Summer Performance Comments

Bring Your Parent to School Day- Reading and RJ

  • Really interesting to hear about the school’s reading journey. I enjoyed seeing it in action in class. Thanks!
  • Really enjoyed the presentation and school’s new approach to use R.J, as a way to help children solve any problem that might arise.
  • Ms Gangat, that was a great lesson on inference. Well done.
  • Ms Pugh, really enjoyed your presentation on restorative justice. Empathy and understanding is key.
  • Ms Gangat is doing a great job. Well done. Keep it up!
  • I was in 2 Wilson and loved what I saw. My daughter comes home talking about reading all the time!
  • Reading workshops really helps me in what we should focus on the most. School is doing a great job. Well done to all the staff members.
  • Reading is a big part of our family time, and we are so happy to see the new spin on teaching reading @ Downsview.
  • The new BOTBC Rounds are equally exciting. Thank you for all the good effort with implementing the new scheme.

A Time to Reflect- COVID questionnaire July 2020