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Come Dine with Me initiative 2021


Here is what our Reception parents had to say:
‘The best lunch ever! Thank you for inviting me.’

'So fun! So delicious! Great company!’
‘Delicious food & great company. What happens at lunch is no longer a mystery!’
‘Thank you it was really cute!’
‘An amazing experience. Definitely worth it. Thanks to the school and chef for the delicious food and experience.’
‘Good idea and loved having the chance to share lunchtime!’
‘Lovely lunch and experience. What a fab thing to do. Thanks very much.’
‘We really enjoyed having lunch together!’
‘I had a great time. Awesome idea!’


Parents Evening

Parents comments from Parents consultations

Miss Gangat is doing a great job. Well done!

My child is enjoying his school experience. Thank you very much!

Thank you Miss Benham and team for doing a wonderful job

Thank you to all staff. My kids really enjoy school and making good progress.

Great job!!

Another brilliant conversation with staff. We are very well supported at Downsview.

Big thank you to Miss Miller. Pleased with my child’s progress!!

A massive thank you to Miss Benham and all Y3 teachers!! Proud mum!!

Miss Gangat is doing very hard work and really helped in gaining my son’s confidence. We really appreciate your hard work. Well done. Keep it up.

Ms Howell is the BEST teacher ever

Thank you Miss Rathod for your amazing work with my son! You rock!

Ms Becker is one AMAZING teacher! Thank you for working so hard with the kids.

Thank you to all the staff here at Downsview. We really appreciate everything you do to make school exciting!

Thank you! My child loves coming to school.

Thanks a lot!

Really happy with how my child has progressed!

Well organised. Thank you for all you do! What a great start to Year 4.

Extremely pleased with our son’s report and the communication received from Ms Ali.

Thanks, because my child looks forward to school every day ( 1 Donaldson) My other child always says he’s had a good day after school.

Thank you for always caring for, and nurturing my children. You are very much appreciated for all you do.

Thank you Ms Becker for being such an amazing teacher and to the whole of the school for being so welcoming and fun!

Thank you to all the teaching support and Admin Team.

Thank you for all the teaching

Thank you Ms Becker for being such a fantastic teacher.

Big thank you for all your love and dedication to our children. It is amazing watching them grow and blossom in a safe environment that supports creativity and respect. Our child LOVES coming to school every day!! Thank you to Ms Pugh and all the other wonderful staff at Downsview!


Phonics Workshop

Can you organise the  1 to 1 parent and child workshops to help with Phonics?

The session was well presented and made lots of sense. “ I know what a phoneme is!”

This helped me better understand how to support my kids with Phonics. Thank you!

Thanks to the team that led the workshop for the insight given to parents

Useful info into how the children are taught phonics and what to expect. Thanks


Meet the Teacher Workshop

Supportive and positive learning demonstrated. Making school fun and exciting.

Very informative

Feeling very lucking to be part of such an amazing school which is placing importance on such important life values.

Thank you very much for today. I feel the passion and enthusiasm of all teachers and Ms Pugh- it is having a great positive impact on my son’s (and all the children). Thank you.

Fantastic presentation: good to meet all the teachers.

Thank you for the meeting, very informative.

Very informative! Y6 parents need to be made aware that the period in the 6 weeks hols before secondary, kids need to keep practicing as they will be tested for sets almost immediately on starting.

Very informative, and comforting from the previous year. Going forward it would be great if we could prepare for sets/secondary school in year 5.




Summer Performance Comments

Bring Your Parent to School Day- Reading and RJ

  • Really interesting to hear about the school’s reading journey. I enjoyed seeing it in action in class. Thanks!
  • Really enjoyed the presentation and school’s new approach to use R.J, as a way to help children solve any problem that might arise.
  • Ms Gangat, that was a great lesson on inference. Well done.
  • Ms Pugh, really enjoyed your presentation on restorative justice. Empathy and understanding is key.
  • Ms Gangat is doing a great job. Well done. Keep it up!
  • I was in 2 Wilson and loved what I saw. My daughter comes home talking about reading all the time!
  • Reading workshops really helps me in what we should focus on the most. School is doing a great job. Well done to all the staff members.
  • Reading is a big part of our family time, and we are so happy to see the new spin on teaching reading @ Downsview.
  • The new BOTBC Rounds are equally exciting. Thank you for all the good effort with implementing the new scheme.

A Time to Reflect- COVID questionnaire July 2020