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Primary and Nursery School

Quality First Teaching



All sessions will aim to include the following steps that are relevant to the lesson:

  • Encourage children to be independent in their learning, whilst having the support around them if needed.
  • Using our Building Learning Powers to aid with resilience, resourcefulness, reciprocity and reflectiveness.
  • Encourage pupils to seek clarification or to indicate when they need help.
  •  Break language down into manageable component/chunks, to improve understanding of information.
  • Repeat language and instructions due to processing difficulties.
  • Use a multisensory approach to learning new vocabulary.
  • Provide further clarification of vocabulary presented, by presenting them in a range of situations and provide opportunities for him to use new words in context. 
  • Allow additional time - give pupils time for processing/understanding language. 
  • Allow additional time to enable pupils to formulate language – using peer talk/ thinking time/ 10 second rule.
  • Provide word banks/ sentence starters and planning sheets to aid written work.
  •  Provide visual cues to support understanding of language in the classroom, e.g. pictures, diagrams, written key words, gesture, demonstration and videos.
  • Provide a visual timetables, with pictures or symbols for key activities throughout the school day and/or Now/Next boards if needed.