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Primary and Nursery School

Welcome to the EYFS Home Learning Page

EYFS team (Nursery and Reception)

Ms Boswell, Ms Saunders, Ms Spencer, Ms Tehran, Ms Seal,

Mrs Charlton, Ms Becker, Mrs Cristiano (EYFS Lead)



For Home-Learning, we want to encourage the children in EYFS (Early Years’ Foundation Stage) to develop into independent and creative learners that show curiosity about the world around them.


A variety of activities will be set for home learning that are designed to be hands-on, practical and help the children to practice key basic skills.

Details of the tasks will be given at the beginning of each half term on a grid which will be sent home with your child and posted on the website and ClassDojo.

Complete as many of the tasks as you can across the half term in any order. The tasks are often short and fun activities which are open-ended and you can choose how they are completed and presented.


Reception: If you have completed a task, please evidence this in your Home Learning book. This could be by printing off pictures, pieces of writing, drawings or even sticking in a train ticket from a trip to see a famous landmark!


Nursery: Take a photo or video of what you have done and post it to your folder on ClassDojo for your teacher to see.


We look forward to seeing what wonderful things you get up to!