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Welcome to our Governors’ section. 
What do Governors do?

The Governing Board plays a key role in helping Downsview provide the best possible education for all of its pupils.  It works strategically in the background, leaving day to day running of the school to the Head Teacher and staff and is accountable to parents and the wider community, to ensure that standards are of the highest quality.


The Downsview Governing Board consists of one single committee that meets formally six times a year;  Governors regularly visit the school at other times across the school year.  Governors usually serve a term of three years and provide their services in an unpaid capacity.



  • Support and challenge the Head Teacher
  • Ensure that the school is accountable to the children and parents, to its local community to those who fund and maintain it, and to the staff it employs.
  • Monitor school performance, gathering evidence to show what progress is being made towards strategic priorities, targets and the implementation of policies.
  • Work in close partnership with the Head Teacher and take advice before making decisions.
  • Account for the school's overall performance and explain the Governing Board's decisions and actions to anyone who has a legitimate interest.
  • Ensure that statutory requirements are met.
  • Respect the professional roles and management responsibilities of the Head Teacher and staff.


The Governing Board's current membership is:

Downsview Governing Board
Parent Representatives

Stuart Prince

Victor Roffey

Andrew Walters

L.A. AppointedJonathan Loynes

Philip Eracleous - Chair of Governors

Roxanne Ohene - Vice Chair

Marian Girdler

Victoria Saungweme

Edward Gulliver

Alison Kelly

Staff Representatives

Meghan Pugh - Head Teacher

Nazmin Ali

Associate Governors 
ClerkNicole Galea

Mr Philip Eracleous, Chair, can be contacted via the School Office and copies of meeting minutes are available on request from the school office.


Governing Board Membership

Downsview Governing Board Attendance 2023-2024

Governing Board - Leavers in the last 12 months