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Primary and Nursery School

It’s not just about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen!



At Downsview Primary School, our students embark on an exciting journey through a vibrant design and technology curriculum that sparks their creativity. This program empowers them to bring their imaginative ideas to life through the engaging processes of designing and making. We guide our students to blend their newfound skills seamlessly with essential knowledge, creating tangible and meaningful products.

Our curriculum is thoughtfully structured with a focus on progressive skill development, ensuring that every student can learn, practice, and flourish as they progress through their primary school years. An integral part of this creative process is the valuable skill of evaluation, teaching our students to refine and improve their creations—a skill that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Design and Technology at Downsview Primary goes beyond the classroom, providing a bridge for students to apply their knowledge and skills in Mathematics, Science, and Art. Our project design briefs are crafted to align with the unique interests of our students, giving them purpose, motivation, and a deeper meaning to their learning experience.




Our school's ethos shines through and shapes our entire curriculum, aiming to empower every child, regardless of their background, abilities, or additional needs, to thrive and reach their full potential.

We follow the National Curriculum, as well as Kapow Primary scheme, that is supported by a clear progression of skills and knowledge. This ensures that children build on what they learn each year, with a carefully sequenced approach to maximize learning for all. Design and Technology (DT) is taught each term and is a separate subject and skill set from Art, although many cross-curricular links can be made.

In our DT classes, we follow the design, make, and evaluate cycle. Each stage is grounded in technical knowledge. We believe that relevant contexts provide meaning to learning and give a purpose to each project. During evaluation, children are encouraged to assess their creations against specific design criteria. Each step in this cycle is rooted in technical knowledge and vocabulary. We maintain high standards in teaching DT, ensuring that each stage receives equal importance in our student's learning journey.

Throughout their time at Downsview, children will learn several key skills such as sewing,

cooking and nutrition, using materials for construction, electrical systems, how mechanisms work together and many more.




By the time our pupils leave Downsview, they will have:

  • Efficient time management skills, along with the ability to collaborate constructively and productively with others.
  • An outstanding attitude towards learning and the ability to work independently.
  • Responsible attitudes as designers and makers, incorporating ethical practices, careful use of finite materials, and a commitment to working safely.
  • Accurate application of mathematical, artistic and scientific knowledge and skills.
  • the ability to conduct thorough research
  • Have the initiative to ask questions and solve problems
  • Exceptional risk management abilities, ensuring the safe and hygienic manufacturing of products.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the appropriate tools, equipment, and materials necessary for crafting their products.
  • A genuine passion for the subject, coupled with a desire to explore their learning in the future further.


Join us on this journey of creativity and exploration at Downsview Primary School, where learning is not just about acquiring knowledge but also about making that knowledge come alive in exciting and imaginative ways!