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For carers of young and adolescent children


Dear parent/carer,

As a parent of three young children, I would like to introduce you to a really interesting website: Hands2gether, which has been designed by parents for carers of children across the key stages of education, including pre-school and nursery. The message following explains how parents and carers can get involved and be assured in the knowledge that the content is sourced from credible bodies. Although originally the objective was to focus on the stresses children endure, the emphasis has quickly moved into more widespread subject matters. They offer a safe environment for healthy discussion and debate, through blogging and with no links to social media it avoids unwanted negativity and harmful comments, which such platforms can attract. There is also the opportunity for the reader to choose a weekly topic, perhaps personal to their experiences, which sees this website stand out from others of its kind. 

Hands2gether hold a reliable source of material from published papers by child psychologists to tips and guidance on how to develop a confident and healthy child. The site allows you to share experiences, learn from others and suggest both positive parenting tips and parent faux paus to learn from. There is a strong focus on young people dealing with issues from the stress of school life to social media pressures outside the school gates.

Hands2gether offer a welcoming setting for debate, on topics invariably chosen by the reader and visited only by those with a vested interested. There are no links to social media platforms and it’s heavily monitored to STOP any signs of trolling. There are dedicated areas for the reader to  ‘blog’ their experiences, advice and ideas, along with the opportunity to support the site through the purchase of an adorable children’s eBook: RainboRobiso

Hands2gether is a live website, which requires hours of monitoring and extensive research, in order to bring the reader credible material, therefore to help grow and maintain they are raising funds through encouraging the sale of a wonderful children’s eBook : ainboRbison - more details can be found on their website, however you can download a copy  here for just £2  – keep it and/or send the link as a gift, once downloaded it’s yoursBy purchasing the eBook, subscribing to the newsletter and sharing, you’ll be entered into a draw to win £50-£500  Amazon vouchers, for both yourself and your school! Through sharing the website to friends, family and colleagues it is hoped to capture a wider audience, which in turn will expose the site to more diverse topics for discussion.

Visit: now

By visiting the site you will see Who We Are  and Our Aim along with a wealth of Resources, a snippet of which is shown below:


Here you will find materials on everything from the uncharacteristic behaviours of a young child suffering from anxiety, to understanding the bully and what help is available to you, along with tips on reading the signs of harassment, both inside and outside the school gates. 


Within this section a relevant topic matter is covered each week, whether taken from the world’s media or through the requests of the reader by emailing: week’s subject matter: Children’s Mental Health Week, which starts 07 February, with additional subject matters as ‘Internet awareness and the effect of social media on children and young people’


This section is where self-help guides can be found, from published scientific papers to advice on how you can help children through their early years to adolescence. There are also examples of how you can help your child develop a contented disposition, along with ideas suggested by psychologist across the world. There is a strong focus on encouraging kids to be outside more often and how important it is to form friendship groups, with a look at published papers from Harvard Medical School…


This page holds an alphabetical list of links to interesting and helpful resources, regarding all things child related, from anxiety to bereavement support for young people.  Of course, this is in no way exhaustive and additions are welcomed, please email


Under each ‘Resource’ section you will find a place to ‘blog’, this can be used as an opportunity to enjoy an interactive conversation, by sharing ideas and experiences and links to topics of interest. It is much discouraged to promote a social media presence, as Hands2gether aspire to achieve a safe and controlled environment. The site will be heavily monitored to remove negative or harmful comments, however a healthy difference of opinion is welcomed! Be sure to report unwelcome blogs by emailing:


Subscribe by using the online form, in order to hear about new resources and the release of more eBooks and in turn increasing exposure to the site.


THE BOOK RainboRobison

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