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Primary and Nursery School

Religious Education

"All religions, cultures, and beliefs deserve the same amount of respect, even if they are different from your own.” “If you are unable to love and respect someone because they don’t believe as you do, maybe you need to have another look at what it is that you believe in.”

Why do we teach Religious Education?

(RE) plays an important role in reflecting and conveying diverse religious characteristics of our school. Embedding core values will help the children to make reasoned and informed responses to life issues and moral choices. The RE curriculum helps children to develop both knowledge and understanding of Christianity as well as the other major world religions, including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism. We want to give the children a platform to develop deeper thinking and reflect on truth, belief and faith. Religious Education is also an opportunity to foster children’s feelings of awe, wonder, joy and mystery and to extend their natural curiosity in our world. The core values from this subject is respect and learning to understand what communities around us believe due to the fact we live in a very diverse society.

What do we teach?

Our Expectations (Impact):

To engage, inspire, challenge and encourage pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to answer challenging questions, explore different religious beliefs, values and traditions and develop a more rigorous understanding of the numerous religious traditions, beliefs and practices that are followed in our multi-cultural society.

To know how religious education promotes discernment and enables pupils to combat prejudice, preparing them for adult life, employment and life-long learning.